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  1. Aug 03,  · Interrupter definition: a person or thing that interrupts | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  2. The INTERRUPTER provides the best naturally organic mosquito control, killing pests and larvae on contact. In addition to The INTERRUPTER killing on contact, it also deters and repels. Perhaps most importantly, it acts as a pheromone interrupter. This prevents mating and blocks the insects’ reproductive cycles.
  3. Feb 14,  · The Interrupters presents unforgettable profiles in courage, as three former street criminals in Chicago place themselves in the line of fire to protect their communities.
  4. CAMSHAFT INTERRUPTER-MAGNET. of 14 Results. FILTER RESULTS. BRAND. ACDelco (4) Delphi (2) Dorman (3) Duralast (5) This is a test. 10% OFF $ Use Code: DIYSAVE10 Online Ship-to-Home Orders Only. Duralast Camshaft Interrupter-Magnet SU Part # SU SKU #
  5. Oct 14,  · Noun []. interrupter (plural interrupters). One who or that which interrupts.; A device for opening and closing an electrical circuit. (slang, humorous) An interpreter (person who interprets speech in a foreign language), Ian Oliver, ‎Jan Oliver, War and Peace in the Balkans The other half of the local staff was employed as interpreters, often affectionately .
  6. Jul 10,  · Accompanying the mayor at his Friday press briefing was New York Sen. Brian Benjamin, representing Harlem, and Iesha Sekou, head of Street Corner Resources, a nonprofit “violence interrupter Author: Michael Gartland.
  7. S&C’s IntelliRupter PulseCloser Fault Interrupter uses PulseClosing ® Technology to dramatically reduce the amount of force used during fault testing and to significantly lessen momentary outages for customers on the main feeder. This strategy improves reliability and reduces costs for you and your customers.
  8. An interrupter is a word, phrase, or clause that significantly breaks the flow of a sentence. Read the examples that follow: Please take those smelly socks to the garage, Kris, and put them in the washing machine. My essay, to be perfectly honest, flew out of the bus window while I was riding to school.
  9. in·ter·rupt·er (ĭn′tə-rŭp′tər) n. 1. One that interrupts: an inveterate interrupter of other people's conversations. 2. Electronics A device that periodically and automatically opens and closes an electric circuit, producing pulses. interrupter (ˌɪntəˈrʌptə) or interruptor n 1. a person or thing that interrupts 2. (Electronics) an.

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